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“I live by believing in life that nothing is no coincidence. The universe will accompany our characters in parallel”.   @safak_sol

The Secret of Success

Yesterday and today are the key of success in the business life as well as thought and ideas. Setting a goal in our lives in this sense brings success without getting tired. There are four concepts in which Safak Sol has found the key to success in her life; love, faith, honesty and knowing himself/herself.

We must believe in what we do first. I believed first that I would move the beauty and aesthetics sector forward, to more beautiful, better. Based on this faith, I still continue to work.

Love is the sense of interest that leads one to high sacrifices. If you love, you protect, if you love, you care about, if you love, it will not possible to reach the target. Şafak Sol is a business woman who believes in love and thinks that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome with this sense. She is someone loves children, life, nature and her profession unconditionally. That’s why she finds her beloved ones also valuable.

I noticed the unhappiness of people, their self-confidence is decreased. I am very sorry for people having permanent damages as a result of faulty aesthetic operations for beauty especially with various accidents, having therefore traumas, and I understood that this work must have an art. The first thing that comes to my mind when I thought how I can help them. If one sees himself/herself beautiful, he/she can see the world with beauty, one who can see the world with beauty, he/she can love everything. All done, and I made a new path in my profession.”

What is to know oneself? Is it to know your favorite color, song, food? Of course, not. Knowing oneself is being aware of one’s biggest fears, getting know one’s strengths and weaknesses, predicting our attitude towards events. Nobody knows you better than you. Safak Sol is a person who discovered what she can do, and her strengths and constantly deals with herself to strengthen her weaknesses.

I questioned the life and myself together with the life. Limits of my patience, infinity of my love. I discovered that infinite power within me, and I chose to use this power in every aspect of life, especially in business. I know that knowing oneself is a long process. Because we live in an ever-changing world and I keep up with this change as much as I can and I know myself a bit better every day, and I get stronger as far as I know myself.”

Honesty takes courage. Both being conscientious and honest is the characteristic of a good person. Socrates says: A man who is good for anything ought not to calculate the chance of living or dying; he ought only to consider whether in doing anything he is doing right or wrong — acting the part of a good man or of a bad.” Şafak Sol chose this sentence as motto.

“I consider my questioning about my life, my personal values, I always fictionalize in my “family” and business life, for after years, what can I do with all the details. In this sense, I attach importance to be honest with myself, then to my family, to my solution partners and to my colleagues, and to build an association without lies.”.”

Success is the whole of the vital acts we perform in the period between the first breath and the last breath we take. Assuming a role for the development of the land and the city, where she preferred to live, was one of the difficult decisions she taken. She chose to move the city she lives in together with the sector she worked towards. She continues to make her unprecedented effort unconditionally to provide services that the society deserves. In addition to a wide range of projects in the field of health and permanent beauty, she attaches importance to education, culture, art, and gain favor with various activities. In our country, healthy – aesthetic beauty development is continued today as in the past, provides important contributions.

Safak Sol chose what was meaningful for her and everyone around her, undertook the work in detail and exceedingly.

I live by believing that nothing I’ve ever experienced is a coincidence. The universe will accompany your character in parallel”.

””People live what they believe. They believe in their own truths and determine the road map for themselves. There should be no doubt on this path.

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