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“I live by believing in life that nothing is no coincidence. The universe will accompany our characters in parallel”.   @safak_sol

Stories Affecting Şafak Sol

I respect the secrets and magic of the universe, and that’s why every client is a new adventure for me, because they all have a story. I have sympathy for the change of trees, colors, leaves, I love them and respect for these changes.

There’s nothing to fear. Everyone comes with a world of imagination, it is a magical process for me to make that dream world into a reality. In this process, we have emotional moments we experience.

You will interpret the moments you read here in your own way. Apart from what you read, We have great moments with my clients.


Ten years ago, I had a client who couldn’t use the part from her left elbow to her hand, as a result of the hot wax spilled on her arm. In fact, she came for abdominal rupture treatment because the treatments she received had not responded for her arm. I convinced her to look at her arm first. After a while we began to treat, the muscles of the hand began to open, there was a noticeable improvement in her skin. This woman having closed clothing because of this burn, gained self-confidence visited use with sundress after the treatment.


The words of a client who has been suffering from skin problems since her adolescence and reached the age of thirty come to my mind ever so often.

I’ll tell you something, but maybe you won’t believe me. I’ve been looking for you since you since I was fifteen. I had seen you on a TV show, but I couldn’t think to take note. I thought you might be in Ankara and I looked for you there. I’ve traveled, looked for a lot. I found you now and I am very happy.”

Although she was living outside Izmir, she came to her treatment regularly and we finished it successfully. We had very emotional moments while we saying goodbye.


A client, who was an overweight and hardly walking retired teacher, said when she came to me that she was extremely unhappy and felt dormant. She told me that she felt this way even in the family. A person feels herself so worthless makes me feel so worthless is a case that deeply affects me, because in my opinion, everyone is unique and precious. We started our slimming sessions and performed various procedures for her whole body. As the retired teacher, who came here on arms of her daughter and husband, could walk on her own and be very happy while leaving… When I looked at her, I saw her walking forward with her confidence, and now she was precious and unique.


A client with deeply burned skin after treatment for skin spots somewhere else, entered in by saying I do want to commit suicide. She found me at a time when her hopes were exhausted. She said she cannot go out. We had a a long period of treatment with her. She later made the following sentences,

Ms. Safak, you had to put up with me, you made a great effort, I do not know how to thank you.”

She stopped shortly, she hit her knees and said

God damn me, I knew you, why did I not come to you first,”

My client says she looks more beautiful and healthier than she used to be, and that this is reflected in her whole life.

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