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“I live by believing in life that nothing is no coincidence. The universe will accompany our characters in parallel”.   @safak_sol


We integrate the sense of aesthetics with your mental and body health.

We, as Epidermis Polyclinic, are taking your skin health under protection through the services we’ve been offering since 1994. Epidermis Polyclinic, established by Şafak Özer in 1994 in Karşıyaka, the best place of Izmir, one of the three big cities of Turkey with sea and sun, works as boutique to offer personal solutions. Our guests from outside Turkey can easily reach to our clinic from the place they stayed which is located 1 kilometer away from the clinic.

We have combined your skin designs and dermacosmetic and medical skin applications with our art of skin through the approaches special for you. Therefore we attach importance to art and artist. In addition, we have been offering service to our advisees from Turkey and many countries around the world for 23 years in the treatments of deformations resulting from accidents, lip deformations, various cuts and traces on face and different areas of the body, scarred tissues, burnt, capillary vessel and varicose veins through our competent approaches.

Science and technology keep developing with each passing day. Our clinic, as a medical institution that follows and applies the changes and innovations in the international standards, currently keeps leading the revolutions in the aesthetics sector in Turkey as it was in the past.

We have constantly developed ourselves in the past 23 years to be a modern medical care clinic.

Epidermis Polyclinic offers services with non-stop designs by personalizing all developments and innovations for its patients.

We take pride in being an institution that is followed up and appreciated by the sector with our feature of offering services to our female and male patients over the ages of 0-12.

Epidermis Polyclinic has prepared and presented more than 1000 TV shows in the last 23 years to inform people in national and local TV channels.

Epidermis Polyclinic offers pleasing services in trace, capillary and varicose vein treatments, skin spots to its patients with its comprehensive, reliable and clinically tested non-stop dermatological and cosmetic treatments.

Cares and Treatments Integrating with Skin Design Engineering and Architecture

Services Offered in Epidermis Polyclinic

Medical face lifting and double chin recovery, nonsurgical breast lifting, sun spots, supraorbital wrinkles, braw looseness, arm fats, local liposuction, psoriasis treatment, hair loss treatment, scar treatment, beauty spot removal without trace, vitiligo disease, under-eye bags treatment, belly-button deformations, skin tag removal without trace, wrinkles, supraorbital dark blue and red vein treatments, under-eye purple spots, face, mouth and lip design, hair loss treatment in males, cellulite treatment, skin renovation, anti-aging cares, anti-acne cares and treatments, pigment surplus, spot treatments, excessive sweating, permanent make-up and more.

Laser Epilation

We offer service for tentacles and hairs, yellow tentacles and hairs and white tentacles and hairs on face and body at every color and skin type and even at the most sensitive skins.

Our mission is to continue to ensure comfort for our patients with the maximum services we have been offering and with the commitment we created and kept with loyalty and trust in the last 23 years.

Epidermis Polyclinic is a health institution that dedicated itself to make you feel and seem best.

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