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“I live by believing in life that nothing is no coincidence. The universe will accompany our characters in parallel”.   @safak_sol

My vision

First, continue to be the person ensuring that the value of art in Turkey and in the world is questioned, transferred whether it prevails personal interests or not.

By paying attention to the psychology of beauty and aesthetics, taking responsibility with the thought of providing a quality life to people, and make a contribution, revealing the truth of human life quality at the point of origin of criticism and resolution.

Making a contribution to rendering superior technological services, development of advance technologies in the beauty aesthetic sector, creating solutions for qualified staff.

Continue to ensure without gender discrimination, that people healthy age, stay young from birth, continue a new life in historical “new page”, new regulations.

Continue to support that the requirements of people’s life qualities are supported by the state.

Major issues that need to be emphasized in order to increase the people’s life quality and sustainability in business life:

  1. Business morality acceptable in business life..
  2. Recognize and investigate the superiority of technology states..
  3. Make a difference in beauty and aesthetics, provide permanent superiority and offer it for the benefit of the society.
  4. Attach importance and support vocational education..
  5. Train qualified and equipped personnel..
  6. Obtain diction, cleaning and intellectual knowledge, not only in terms of profession.

Şafak Sol’s thoughts and ideas about business life: Rebirth, relive are re-devotion all together in the future on behalf of the whole humanity.

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