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Memories of Pleasure

During the treatment process, we have a strong bond with my clients… They submit themselves to me with a great confidence. Since they express themselves as free as a child, this creates very pleasant moments from time to time. I don’t see my clients as a woman or a man thirty or eighty years of age. We have a strong friendship in moments we shared. They leave with the joy of 23 April after the treatment is completed. It makes me to have the same joy each time together with them.


The first question asked by female participants in a flash in conferences outside my expertise or in some meetings with special agenda is:

Which age do I show,”

Of course, before asking this question, they pretty themselves up and have smiling lips with hopeful eyes. I can immediately understant from attitudes and looks which woman will ask this question.

I cannot predict the age range of people asking the question, but no matter how old they are, I can tell their skin age.

No matter how old people are, figures such as 50-60-80 are not very important, I see that all people live with the child spirit and the spirit does not age.


A client from Germany stood up after the treatment was completed and I asked her to look in the mirror

She was surprised, she asked “is it done?” I said, “Not yet”.

While she was looking in the mirror, I started preparing for the continuation of the process. After a while I saw that the woman made finger count backwards 65-55-45 I looked at her with a curiosity, she smiled and turned to me with excitement

and she said “I can’t believe, I am twenty five years younger”.,”

We started the treatment with my client without making such a count. Some of my clients makes this calculation in advance

“Ms. Safak, please do not make me younger than five years”,”


The husband from my clients, came together as husband and wife, said rejuvenation for five-ten years will be enough for him, and the woman said it will be good to go back ten years. Then she decided she wanted to look 20 years younger. Her husband said to her;

“No, I don’t want you to look so young. If you will be younger than ten years, you pay the more.”

The woman got angry and didn’t agree, they started to argue and after a while they stopped to look young and went away. The woman said crying while out through the door that

“We’ll call you back soon”.

I just looked by smiling while they are going, I also wondered the continuation of the argument at home.


The first question a client asked when came for a lip filling when I told her to watch out for a few days after the procedure was

“Can I kiss?“ .

“If possible, you need to be careful about it for a few days,” I said.

”So what can’t I kiss?“ she kept asking.

“You better not kiss,“ I said.

She called her boyfriend immediately, persuaded him not to kiss, and then turned to me

“Horray! I’m ready,” she said.

We could start the procedure.


I got a phone call from out of town. A lady made an appointment for her mother. And added

; “Ms. Safak, my mother is eighty four years old and says she wants to be Ajda Pekkan. Please don’t let that happen.

On the appointment day, the woman came was extremely gentle, non-age, dynamic and well-kept lady stood in front of me. She asked me for a lot of procedures, but by the way, her daughter called.

“Your daughter is calling,” I gave the phone to her.

She didn’t want to talk to her daughter first, and she scolded her by raising her voice. Then she was convinced to talk. She took the phone and said a single sentence

“  “Hang up, don’t call me again,”,”

She turned to me and

said “I’ve done everything what they want for years. Now, it’s my turn,”

We’ve started the procedures. While taking leave, the woman said with a great happiness that

“Years ago, my sister had come to you, I wish I had come at that time, but it is never too late to mend, isn’t it.”

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