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“I live by believing in life that nothing is no coincidence. The universe will accompany our characters in parallel”.   @safak_sol

Clients’ Opinions

NAME: R. Kılınç (Female) Manager in the Public Sector

She is an icon, she expands on her talent and creativity. She adds feeling to every skin she works with.

NAME: H. Amer (Male) Student

Shortly after I started treatment with Ms. Safak for my skin problems, she asked me while videotaping my mother.

“Oh, my God, what you did to your face. I can’t believe how your skin recovered in such a short time,”

“I said “I’m working with magical fingers, Mom!

Name: G. Deniz (Female) Manager in Private Sector

I am proud of myself for finding Ms. Safak and I get excited every time I see her.

NAME: A. Ersin (Male) Medical Aesthetic Doctor

I can say that Ms. Safak is the most extraordinary experience in my life. I do respect her.

NAME: K. Unal (Female) Chemist in Private Sector

I am a fan of you. God bless you.

NAME: O. Çetin (Female) International Pharmaceutical Representative

Ms. Safak is a perfectionist, this is a very special feature that skin experts have not.

NAME: S. Koç (Female) Personnel

You can never trick Ms. Safak.

NAME: K. Solmaz (Male) Expert. Doctor

I met her by chance. I had the chance to work with Ms. Safak for 5 years. She is an excellent manager. I am very happy to have the opportunity to meet her and she is very successful. She is a very respectable woman.

NAME: E. Keskin (Female) Personnel

It was a dream for one life to work with Ms. Safak. She always pushes to the limits, because this is what Ms. Safak means.

Y. Gökçen (Female) Instructor

Şafak Sol is an iceberg-like woman. She is very special …

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