Aesthetic Beauty


One may choose to be happy and to be free from conflicts with his/her appearance to feel happy. In my opinion, aesthetics and beauty have unexplored perspective images. While people’s appearance is reshaped by others, beauty values can be lost partially or completely. Especially in recent years, since a different understanding of beauty is not created, product and technology trends give people a unique type of feature. On street, on TV, in cinema, there are a lot of people who are famous or not famous, similar to each other. While I look with admiration at our skin we have, I see that it is conditioned by the market. The current system, which dominates the world today, prevents the development of the beauty market and the people from having quality service. This enabled me to think of the need to bring a new perspective to the beauty and aesthetic sector “from many years ago”

First of all, it is exciting that my clients leave by peace and happiness with their appearance as they exit from the door. One must be happy with his/her appearance to make him/her feel better.

I argue that beauty has not emerged without the art value. All of my clients, male or female, are very happy with their new skin in their living environments. While I was listening to wishes and desires of people came, I solved the most beautiful creativity for them and balanced them in my mind. What I did reversed the traditional. The essence of aesthetics is here. Beauty has a traditional philosophy; It’s not always to be more beautiful but “that’s not the beauty.” Everything is to give valuable people what they want. In gold hands or magical fingers there is a sacred art that is nowhere in the world. Sacred as our skin and our body.

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